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73. Windy Hill

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    Points: 427

  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 26.9

    Artwork size: 32cm*28cm*30cm

    Hardscape: Elephant skin stone, Greenland sand

    Flora: Micranthemum sp."Monte Carlo", Riccardia Chamedryfolia, Scrophulariaceae sp., Rotala Green, Rotala Hra, Hygrophila Pinnatifida, Bucephelandra sp. Mini, Pogostemon Helferi, Marsilea Hirsuta

    Fauna: Ember Tetra

    About Artwork:

    I wanted to recreate the natural essence of a hill with colourful flora and fauna and the harmony of nature.

    #405: Titas Das - Kolkata, India