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  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 15

    Artwork size: 30x25x20

    Hardscape: drift wood, nano sand, natural stone

    Flora: vesicularia ferriei (weepin moss), Java spring moss, taxiphyllum sp (flame moss), Fissiden moss sp, Eleocharis parvula mini, marsiela hirsuta, hemianthus glomeratus (baby tears), microsorum java fern, microsorum needle triden mnin, bucephalandra sp, anubias sp petit, microsorum needle leaf mini, rotala rotundifolia, bolbitis difformis, echinodorus tanellus

    Fauna: ember tetra

    About Artwork:

    hidden portal behind thick bushes and trees even fish do not notice it and are only in the safe zone without knowing what awaits them behind the portal, inspired by the bright moonlight at the end of the forest path at night

    #901: tresna - badung, indonesia