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Additional Photo Mangrove

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  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 225

    Artwork size: 100x50x45cm

    Hardscape: Lava rock and driftwood

    Flora: Rotala Rotundifolia, Rotala sp. green, Limnophila aromatica mini, Potamogeton Gayi, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Hygrophila lancea araguaia, Hygrophila polysperma rosanervig, Hygrophila pinnatifida, Anubias nana, Anubias nana white, Anubias nana mini, Cryptocoryne parva, Cryptocoryne , Cryptocoryne amicorum, Marsilea hirsuta, Eleocharis pusilla, Callicostela prabaktiana, Coral moss, Flame moss, Monosolenium Tenerum

    Fauna: Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi, Hemigrammus erythrozonus, Crossocheilus siamensis

    About Artwork:

    A mangrove is a shrub or tree that grows mainly in coastal saline or brackish water. Mangroves grow in an equatorial climate, typically along coastlines and tidal rivers. They have special adaptations to take in extra oxygen and to remove salt, which allow them to tolerate conditions that would kill most plants. The term is also used for tropical coastal vegetation consisting of such species. Mangroves are taxonomically diverse, as a result of convergent evolution in several plant families. They occur worldwide in the tropics and subtropics and even some temperate coastal areas,

    #1217: Asaftei Adrian Cristian - Ploiesti, Romania