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Additional Photo hard scape
hard scape

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    Points: 310

  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 350

    Artwork size: 120x50x60

    Hardscape: wood jati e dragostone roce

    Flora: pedicela golden.ludwigia.bacopa.rotala,alternathera, myriophyllium,pogostemon,blixa,echinodorus,bucephalandra,limnophila, fissidens,jawa,nymphea

    Fauna: hygrophila,cryptocoryne.cabomba.micrantherum

    About Artwork:

    I’m inspired they look at ada’s works on youtube that fascinated me a lot and I also tried it with my first hard scape I hope you like it

    #676: Olteanu Marian - Azzano Decimo, italia