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Additional Photo Autumn Vibes
Autumn Vibes

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  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 300L

    Artwork size: 120cm 50cm 50cm

    Hardscape: Arabica fossil wood, rasamala roots, senggani roots, lavarock, yamaya sand, thia sand, Mocha soil, Bio latte

    Flora: Wepping moss, flame moss, hairgrash, pogestemon erectus, myprophilum aquaticum, bucephalandra mini, bucephalandra supermini, eriocaulon sp vietnam, phinativida

    Fauna: Cardinal Tetra

    About Artwork:

    I poured all my thoughts about autumn that I saw in various photos on the internet, because I couldn’t go there so that autumn I brought home and I applied it to my tank.

    #707: I Putu Bayu Yatha Loka - Bali, Indonesia