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Pager Geong

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  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 73.5 L

    Artwork size: 70x35x30 Cm

    Hardscape: Yamaya sand,gravels natural,lavarock,senggani,rasamala roots,rentek wood

    Flora: Weeping mos,java mos,ricardia mos,fisiden mos,tenelus,hairgrass,rotala hra,rotala walichi,pinatifida

    Fauna: Redchery,rednose fish,neon tetra albino fish

    About Artwork:

    The aquascape that I made has a forest theme, inspired by the forest on the hill in front of the house, not infrequently I go to the forest to pick up forest products or just refreshing to get rid of fatigue, looking at the trees, the sharp green grass and unique roots and rocks that make these eyes amazed, the forest is a producer of oxygen which is very much needed for living things, especially for all of us, for that, protect and preserve the forest for our future generations.

    #855: Indra Alfiyanto - Kebumen, Indonesia