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Additional Photo dark side of sunrise
dark side of sunrise

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  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 15 Liters

    Artwork size: 30X25X20CM

    Hardscape: brown eragon stone, santigi bark, rasamala wood, senggani wood, santigi wood, yamaya sand, lava rock, aquair indonesia product (soil, base fertilizer, bacterial media)

    Flora: vesicularia ferriei (weepin moss), taxiphyllum sp (flame moss), Eleocharis parvula mini, marsiela hirsuta, stauroygne repens, hemianthus glomeratus (baby tears), microsorum java fern, bucephalandra sp, anubias sp petit, microsorum needle leaf mini, bolbitis heudelotii, bolbitis difformis, echinodorus tanellus

    Fauna: Neocaridina davidi (red cerry shrimp), axelrodi rasbora/blue neon rasbora

    About Artwork:

    the dark conditions in the cracks of wood and stone in a cave, the darkness that is created by the glare of the morning sun that does not reach the bottom of the cave, only the surface area gives the impression of comfort but many people forget that there is a dark side that is created

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