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  • Aquascape Details

    Volume in litres: 160

    Artwork size: 80x50x40

    Hardscape: Aquasoil Amazonia, Aqua Quartz sand, seiryu stones

    Flora: Micranthemum monte carlo, several bucephalandras, rotala colorata rotundifolia var "green", rotala rotundifolia "orange juice", littorella uniflora, crcryptocoryne parvula, cryptocoryne flamingo, helanthium tenellum green, hemianthus glomeratus, juncus repens, glossostigma elatinoides, Hymenasplenium Obscurum.

    Fauna: Paracheirodon simulans, nannostomus beckfordi, neocaridina shrimps.

    About Artwork:

    This is my third year trying to become an aquascaper. This time I wanted to make an aquarium in which, in addition to trying to show the beauty of our hobby, I could shelter a good group of fish with well-lit areas, but also with places where they can rest, in the shade. I think that at least this second part I have achieved, I never tire of seeing them go in and out of that area of the aquarium, I love to see them coming “back home”.
    Thank you

    #699: David Pérez Gancedo - Madrid, Spain